The 6th China International Exhibition for Copper Industry


China International Copper Exhibition CuChina since its inception in 2007, has successfully held five sessions, and gradually developed into Asia's largest Copper Development and Global Copper exchange platform. Exhibition set exhibition, technical seminars, special events in one.

Held for five years, the China International Copper Show CuChina support and participation of a total of more than 1,000 domestic and international copper and copper-known enterprises, such as: Germany, Wieland Group, Germany Andritz-Sundwig Comcast, the United States Pacific Group, I2S, USA United States Wagstaff, Japan stretch copper Association, Insulator Co., Ltd. of Japan, Japan IHIMT, Japan Hakusan industry, Japan Senjimier, Osaka, Japan, Pacific Institute of casting agents, the DMS, Fives, Italy up to Nie Li, national Iranian copper Company, the Swedish Liljedahls Group, SwitzerlandEnric ,Mai Gena, Canada, South Korea, the ISP, the Jinchuan Group, Zijin Mining Group, Golden Dragon Precise copper Tube Group, Industrial copper International Group, Chinalco Luoyang Copper Processing in aluminum copper, aluminum in Central China Gold Fields Group, Anhui Xinke new materials, Zhongshan Tianyi copper, Guilin Lijia, Honglei Group, Shandong Obote, Wanbao Group, Jiangsu world Long Group, Zhejiang macro Ma copper, Milky Way Group, Shandong Tianyuan Copper the Redback Group, Heze Guangyuan copper strip, copper Shanxi Jubilee, Golden Eagle Copper, Beijing, Jiangsu, Central wins Copper and other. The exhibition attracted a Chinese electrical and industrial enterprises 100 tours to 100 guided tours of the visiting delegation of the Chinese top 100 cable companies, air conditioning and refrigeration, electronics industry, bathroom hardware, transportation industry to visit and purchaseThe total number of visits has reached 60,000 people.                                                                           

                                                                                - From Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Group